Concrete Molds and Forms

All About Concrete Molds and Forms

concrete moldsAs artists, contractors and homeowners are continuously on the lookout for innovative ways to make their products as well as themselves stand out, ventures that make use of new products have become extremely popular. New plastics and countertops having solid surfaces are great materials for construction. However, construction has an older mainstay that is being transformed to help in contemporary design.

Concrete forms is the foundation of construction. It is now leading a new life in the form of a finishing material. It is not the foundation of a structure or a flat slab that is placed on the ground anymore. With the creation of concrete molds and forms, the designer or builder can make use of this versatile product and change it into nearly any shape they think fit.

Uses of Concrete Molds and Forms

Earlier, these consisted typically of large hallow Styrofoam walls. Concrete used to be poured into this and cured for creating foundations and basements for buildings. Such molds were simpler for driveways. They often consisted of some wooden slats that were given a square outline. With the progress in intricate molds made by machines and molds that you can make yourself, the concrete material that is found in construction of structures can now be used for making art works!

The material that is commonly used for concrete molds is a technologically advanced plastic. The external designs of the finished product are etched in the interior of the concrete mold. When the mold is ready, the designer pours the mixture of concrete in the hollow mold and lets it harden. The product that is created finally is an amazing re-creation of the negative part of the mold. Such molds have a variety of uses.

One of the popular functions of these molds is landscaping and garden decorations. Earlier, if a concrete or stone sculpture was required to be made, an artist used to be commissioned to work on a huge block of stone till the finished product was exposed. A lot of changes have taken place since then. In order to get similar results, you do not have to be super rich or a fantastic artist. Today’s concrete molds and forms are priced so that an average owner of a home can afford them.

Anyone who has some free time on their hands, some tools and concrete can develop a product that family and friends will think was done professionally. If you are a determined do it yourselfer, you could make use of concrete forms and molds to create finished products that were previously made from building materials that were more pliable. Concrete furniture and countertops have become a rage in design in the last few years.

concrete molds and forms

The customization, durability and beauty options that are available in concrete cannot be found in any other materials that are not able to take on different forms like concrete. Concrete molds could be used to create flooring, stairs, tables and benches. You could give it the color that you want. You could incorporate indentations that your designer could put in the project at the time of curing. You cannot do this when constructing with stone like quartz and granite.